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Due to the continued onslaught of global capital, the region of North America is experiencing one of its worst economic, political and social crises. At the same time, social and labour movements and indigenous groups are organizing self-determined alternatives.

In this conjuncture, workers’ struggles and resistances are unfolding in order to defend jobs, utilizing available resources and diverse practices aimed at transcending capitalism.  

The Workers’ Economy Network, launched in 2007 by Argentina’s “recuperated” factory movement, calls together practitioners and advocates of self-management to resist based on workers’ own economic interests. Participants in the 3rd Regional Gathering of “The Workers’ Economy,” North America, Central America and the Caribbean, will discuss strengthening of struggles to build a worker-managed economy and political spaces in our region of the Americas. Institutions like NAFTA are not the answer.

The encuentro will take place in Mexico City between November 8–10, 2018 at the Centro Cooperativa of the Electricians’ Union. Among others, these themes will be discussed:

1. Capitalism today and in light of workers’ struggles to construct an economy of work.

2. Emergent forms of workers’ economic and political struggles: Self-management/ Autogestión and other alternatives to capitalism.

3. The possibilities of self-management/autogestión in light of the state.

4. Contributions to a political economic theory of work as alternative to capital.

5. Possibilities for self-managed work within capitalist economic and political spheres.

6. Continued construction of a Workers’ Economy Network to integrate work.

The conference will provide full English-Spanish translation and good conditions for cross-border dialogue and construction of real alternatives.

Sponsors: Programa de Facultad Abierta, University of Buenos Aires;  Trabajadores Democraticos de Occidente; Casa abierto al tiempo, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana; Centre for Learning, Social Economy & Work (CLSEW); Sindicato Electricistas Mexicano; Nuevo Central Trabajadores; Del Centro Cooperativa; Center for Global Justice

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The Workers’ Economy
North American, Central American
& Caribbean Region

Mexico City, November 8–10, 2018  --  3rd Northamerican Region “Encuentro”