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Mexico City, 25 September 2018

Dear (colleague, comrade, friend)

After many years of capital´s world-wide offensive against the public sphere, of accumulation by dispossession, of privatization of all that is social, an unimaginable degree of exploitation of global labor by capital has been reached. In the face of this, militant worker movements all over the world are exploring many different forms of struggle to end the exploitation of labor by capital. These movements not only oppose capital´s encroachment of the social commons, but attempt to transcend the economic and political reign of global capital.  From new forms of trade unionism, inlcuding global trade unions, to novel modalities of workers´ control of production, to recuperated enterprises by the workers, to the increasing growth of cooperatives, to the social and solidarity economy that grows in strength, to new forms of rural and urban communes, to the rise of autonomous self-defense organizations, workers globally are once again focusing on recovering the commons against the domination of private interests. The ideology of the commons –communism- is on the rise again. And this is only the beginning.

Since 2007, the international Workers’ Economy Network has held numerous meetings in different parts of the world. This year the North, Central American and Carribean Region’s 3rd Meeting will be held on November 8-10 in Mexico City.

We hope you can join this organizational effort by participating in the meeting and sharing your experience and expertise with other workers, academicians, and militants from the region. We also invite you to suggest panels, group proposals, and round-tables in both English and Spanish . The current panels being organized by members of the tradeunion, cooperative, and academic sectors include:

Migrant labor in North-Central American region

Hosts to the meeting include trade unions, recuperated enterprises, cooperative organizations, and universities. For more information and registration, see

The main hotel for the meeting is Hotel Corinto, located in the center of Mexico City, at Ignacio Vallarta No. 24, Colonia Tabacalera, two blocks from the city´s two main central avenues, Reforma and Insurgentes. Double rooms with double beds with bath cost approximately $36 US Dollars a night ($18 per person). Reservations can be made with credit card with Alicia González,, but payment is made on arrival. Please mention the Encuentro de la Economía de los Trabajadores. Website: Phone: (005255) 55666555 or 55669711 Fax: 5546 6888. Email: (The area is full hotels, bars, and restaurants for tourists).

Free transportation to the meeting place will be available a couple of blocks away from the hotel. Information will be given at the hotel.

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee

Celia Pacheco, Marco Gómez, Bob Stone, Betsy Bowman

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Center for Global Justice